Two Belfast sinks, two washing machines, a spin dryer and an ironing board.

Indoor washing lines for drying clothes.

The oil-fired central heating and water boiler and a 600 litre hot water tank is more than enough for a large number of occupants.

Next to the sink is another solid oak door through to the arrière-cuisine (literally, “back kitchen”), a 5m x 5m utility room. The large oil-fired central heating boiler is in there, as is a 600 litre hot water tank that supplies the kitchen and all five bathrooms. There is a Belfast sink with drainer and a cleaner’s sink with a hinged grill bucket stand, both brought from the UK.

There are two washing machines, though the one on the right is very old, needs replacing, and is best avoided until I can replace it. There’s a great tumble dryer and, for those who feel the need to iron clothes when on holiday (I know, me neither!), there’s a large ironing board and a very powerful external reservoir steam iron which once used will mean you will never want to go back to an ordinary iron. There are vacuum cleaners and buckets galore.