Market Day in Sainte Cécile-les-Vignes is Saturday.

Been buying olives from Mr Olive for 21 year, yet still don’t know his real name!

Arnold & Annie sell great cheese. The stall is situated at the heart of the market, next to Mr Olive.

Cyril’s fruit & veg

The olive stall sells fresh garlic and other seasonal products like strawberries or basil.

The honey stall sells single blossom honey including acacia, lavender, and for those who like their honey strong, chestnut blossom.

The fresh pasta is very tasty.

There is a market every day of the week somewhere in the villages of Provence. The best of the lot, though, is Sainte Cécile’s market every Saturday.

It takes over most of the village centre and is big enough to meet most needs but it’s not so big to prevent you getting round to see everything.

Sensible locals do serious shopping early before the crowds arrive and the queues are longer.

When I’m in Ste Cécile, I do two trips: the first at 8am for buying provisions followed by coffee and a croissant in one of the village’s three cafés; the second later in the morning to accompany any visitors for a leisurely look at the stalls while navigating the crowds. And then back to the café for a beer or a glass of local wine.

The market is 900 metres from the house and is an 11-12 minute walk.